Muscle Testing - Subconscious Communication

The Next Best Thing to Being Psychic!

Take the guesswork out. Fast. Simple and Non-invasive.

Based on the concept of internal energy, muscle testing is a non-invasive way of gathering information from the subconscious mind. It has been around for decades and is used effectively by holistic-health practitioners in conjunction with many different techniques. 

Muscle testing involves checking the body’s response when applying a light pressure to a muscle. Your subconscious mind knows the difference between “yes” and “no,” the truth and a lie. It knows when something is beneficial, useful, or detrimental to any of your systems. When a practitioner asks a question about your body or about an experience you’ve had, an automatic electrical response occurs in the body. Lie detectors measure and graph these involuntary responses and these electrical responses can also be shown in either a strong or weak muscle response. There is no right or wrong answer to come out of the queries, just information. All you have to do is know what you are searching for and how to ask the right questions to get it. Once the question has been asked, the answer is immediate.

Your subconscious mind knows the state of your organs and glands, and similar to the way the hard drive in your computer stores electronic information, it records every belief, thought, feeling, word, trauma and action that you have experienced – starting the moment you were conceived. A skilled practitioner is able to access these “records” via muscle testing. Muscle testing is also an effective way to pinpoint nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and communication breakdowns within one’s systems. 

I was trained to use muscle testing as an information gathering tool in the spring of 2007 when I attended my first PSYCH-K workshop. Since then I have trained in several additional Mind Body holistic healing techniques that use muscle testing. These include The Emotion Code, Body Code, BodyIntuitive, and EFT. For information gathering and imbalance uncovering purposes I have found it to be surprisingly, and sometimes spookily, accurate.

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