Pulling from the fields of epigenetics, quantum physics and classical Chinese medicine concepts, mind-body therapies are FAST, non-invasive, and often have a profound impact on your health and in your life. I use structured intuition (aka muscle testing or checking) to decode and unlock the “story” - the WHY – the part of the iceberg we are not seeing on the surface, then employ the appropriate blend of unique mind-body balancing and emotional clearing techniques along with PSYCH-K subconscious belief reprogramming.  This combination offers the potential for incredible transformation in your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Take a look below and contact me with any questions.

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The Body Code ~ The Emotion Code

 The Body Code is the state of the art Mind-Body healing technique. It's Mind-Body & Emotion Code map program enables us to quickly identify and release imbalances that underlie most of the “problems” people experience in their life, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The Body Code is so effective because it allows us to find the specific imbalances or underlying cause of our complaints and easily remove them . 



PSYCH-K ~ Subconscious Belief Reprogramming

 The mind consists of 95% subconscious mind, and 5% conscious mind. If you want to change your life, you have a 95% greater chance if you change your subconscious mind. 


With PSYCH-K® you can reprogram your subconscious beliefs and change your life. Any area of your life! Using the simple and non-invasive protocols developed by Dr. Rob Williams, we are able to create a “super-learning” state, facilitate the reprogramming, and the resulting shifts & changes can start to show up in minutes, possibly deepening & amplifying as days, weeks or months go by. 




BodyIntuitive is a powerful and effective mind-body balancing system that honors the impact of our emotions, traumas, stresses and subconscious beliefs on every level of our lives and the sometimes destabilizing effect this may have on many of our physical systems. and we then "map" energy strategies that are part of the system to reset and balance the areas of our energy field that have become "incoherent".


The Emotional Freedom Technique - aka Meridian Tapping

Developed by Gary Craig and generously shared with the world, the Emotional Freedom Technique, now known by many as meridian tapping, utilizes gentle tapping on specific points while  making statements regarding the condition  you are seeking to shift or eliminate. Science has recently shown that meridian tapping can play a part in reprogramming subconscious beliefs as well. 


EMF Balancing Technique

Learn about your Universal Calibration Lattice and how these sessions can accelerate your personal evolution.

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Your Subconscious Mind KNOWS


Your subconscious mind knows the state of your organs and glands, and similar to the way the hard drive in your computer stores electronic information, it records every belief, thought, feeling, word, trauma and action that you have experienced – starting the moment you were conceived .........  continue 

Across the Room or Around the World


Bio-field energy balancing sessions are every bit as effective from a distance, is surprising to many people. Yet if you consider the advancements of mankind in the past 100 years, it actually isn’t all that far-fetched.   

Sessions by surrogation

Muscle Testing. Almost as Good as Being PSYCHIC


Based on the concept of internal energy, muscle testing is a non-invasive way of gathering information from the subconscious mind. It has been around for decades and is used effectively by holistic health and mindbody healing practitioners in conjunction with many different techniques. Read more

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